Goodbye y Hola

In just a few short days that seem to be flying by, I’ll be leaving the United States to study at the University of Costa Rica in San Jose, Costa Rica for almost five months.

I’ve been preparing for this for quite some time, but it still seems crazy that I’m about to begin an adventure that, so far, has only existed in the abstract.

Last summer I kept a blog while I was in Boston working for NAMB. It was a fun and easy way for me to share the highlights of my experience with anyone who cared to read. I want this blog to be a similar resource for anyone interested in what I’m doing in Costa Rica.

I have a few goals for my time there:

  1. Get better at Spanish. I can speak it now, but not quickly. Hopefully that can change.
  2. Pass my classes – which will all be in Spanish, so that’ll be somewhat of a challenge.
  3. Learn about Central American, specifically Costa Rican, missions.  I’m hoping to volunteer with some missionaries while I am there, and I’d like to sit down with a number of ministry workers and find out more about their lives and their work.
  4. Spend lots of quality time with Jesus. Being abroad will give me a great opportunity to slow down from my normal schedule, evaluate my life, and get to know my Lord a little better.

I have two main goals for this blog, too:

  1. Honestly share my experiences – the good and the bad.
  2. Hopefully, point people to Christ with the experiences I have and the way I relay them here.

That’s pretty much it for now. As always, thanks for reading, and prayers are always much appreciated.



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