A Poem with Two Titles

I stare, blankly.

You do, too.

But you’re the one waiting for words.

While I am here,

waiting for anything else.

A distraction, please.

An earthquake, anything.

A reason, any reason, to escape.

But you wait, and there is no escape.

Not for me.

Your innocent eyes,

they look at me.

Perhaps I led you (incorrectly)

to believe that I wanted this,

was ready for this.

However, I am not.

If this was my fault,

if I misled you,

I am sorry.

Can we just forget?

Forget you asked?

I’m already acting as if I didn’t hear you.

If you do too,

maybe this moment can just end

in a relatively painless manner for all parties involved.

  • The Experience of Being Called on in a Class Taught in a Language You Don’t Really Know but Would Like to Appear to Know  /alternatively/ The Unwanted and Unexpected Marriage Proposal 

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